• Practicing in Castle Hill since 2000

  • Walking distance to Castle Towers

  • Easy access via public transport

  • Undercover parking

  • We look after all ages – young children to the elderly

  • A comfortable, relaxing reception room

  • HICAPS terminal – so we can make on the spot claims for those who are in a health fund

  • Keep up to date with the latest dental technology

  • We attend courses/seminars regularly to ensure that any procedures we are doing for you is the best that we can achieve.

Dentist Michael Kim

While practicing dentistry for over more than 25 years I assumed it was normal that patients would come to you with broken fillings and toothaches – it was the role of the dentist to “react” to the problem and fix it. As time went by I became frustrated that the only time I ever saw Mr Smith was when he was in pain or something was broken – not a situation that either of us enjoyed.

Dentistry and technology has changed so dramatically in this time that it can now be made predictable. I can fix Mr Smith’s teeth before he is in pain or before that old leaky amalgam filling breaks. We call this a comprehensive approach to dentistry. Accidents can and will still happen – we want to minimise the chances of it happening.

The adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” does not apply to dentistry. When you notice that something is wrong in your mouth it is usually too late to fix it easily (or cheaply).

We never want you to go nearer to a denture than the one your grandparents may have had soaking in a glass cup overnight. We want to make sure you have teeth to be able to eat anything you want for as long as you are around.

If you bought an expensive car and never serviced it would you be surprised if it broke down one day? Lot’s of people go to the dentist, get work done and think that regular check ups are unimportant. If we carry out a comprehensive treatment of your teeth it is essential that we keep an eye out to spot any problems early on. Ongoing care is the other key component of what we do here. Please don’t take your dental health for granted.

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